Ville Platte, Louisiana
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Ashworth University you say I owe a bill from 2005 to 2006 that I don't. I paid the first month bill on my second semester of Early Childhood Education and I never received the work books or any of the information to get started so I don't feel like I owe this bill.I called many times to see why I never received my work books and I was told that the Ashworth University had no updated information for me. I know you have been paid for this so you need to fix this so I can have it taking off my credit.And the creditors will stop calling.

Shelly Crowe

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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I was hit up today with a letter from the creditors saying I owe Ashworth University money. I signed up for two and payed for two programs in full.

I got my diploma (worthless) and now a couple years later I get hit up with a letter. Do not waste your time at this "college". It is NOT worth the money. Any info can be found online or at your library.

Employers looked at my diploma like I was an ***. Was told by many that this college is simply a diploma mill. I'm finding that to be true. Now I'm out almost 2 grand for two pieces of paper that is *** AND still want more money!

I'll be talking to someone. Wish I knew what to do to fix this.


They did me the same way now I owe $700.00. They sent my hs diploma and didn't send my transcript.

They know say I shouldn't have got my diploma because the money issue. I guess.

This college-hs- they have changed their names so many times my hs diploma says Ashworth university and it started out James Madison-pcdi-now Ashworth university. I have had problems with my credit/transcript that WASN"T MY FAULT.