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DON'T ever think about it!!I red bad reviews about this college but I didn't believe it until I enrolled to the Graphic Design course on Nov-2010 and I finished on Aug--2011 but I waste my money and my time because they DON'T teach you anything you are on your OWN and the diploma will be worthless cause you won't learn anything except some basic stuff!!

I have my diploma on the wall but I don't know anything about Graphic Design and I feel guilty but it is their fault for not teaching students in a better way!DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME ON ASHWORTH COLLEGE PLEASE!!!

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I did check.The BBB rating page was quite literally open on another tab while I was writing that.

It showed the actual physical school (in GA) having an A+ rating.

I did notice that there are more than a few listings for something called Ashworth. Perhaps a different location?

Perhaps a different school?Perhaps a different entity altogether?


My daughter graduated from Ashworth College last year in Business Diploma, she was promoted as Asst.Manager, her boss was so proud of her hard work and tenacity while working full time also set aside time for the study at Ashworth College.

For those who whining and blame the whole world except them self, I have a piece of advise for you, don't break the mirror if you are the one who filthy.. :grin


You should check the facts before you speak.The BBB rating for Ashworth is F at present.

There are hundreds of rip-off reports and complaints submitted to the BBB.

Their course materials are outdated by up to 4 years.The accreditation is not worth anything in the real world of academia.


:p I think some people just have to complain about things such as this school because they cannot handle real, hard work. This site is ridiculous and so are the people complaining. Please go to Harvard or another Ivy League school and watch these students soar in their academic studies and then look at how much they are paying for their educations and then find something to complain about.


The BBB currently has them at an A+ rating.

This persons biggest problem is that they took an online distance course failing to realize that this means they would be the one responsible for driving the bus.Many of the specific studies under such diploma would be readily available in the teach-yourself section of any half-decent bookstore.

People do it all the time. So...

Would they have learned anything from any other school?Self-driven learning isn't for everybody.


OMG Did the college write this stuff? The BBB knows the story!


What you guys are talking about Ashworth is not true.High school diploma from Ashworth is very valued by many Universities because I did research to find out about its credentials and found out that it is good school.

I even called to some universities to make sure they may accept my high school diploma, and they said "yes" after they took a look on website of Ashworth.Enjoy your studies you guys.Don't let this guys disturb you because they don't have any evidence of what they're talking about.

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