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Mohammed M. 07/21/2015 7:53 PM

Hi, I have tried twice to get in contact with, once i was on hold for 40 min and the other time 48 min and when they came on the phone they were so rude and told me minimum time after submission i should wait 90 days before i could question they just hang up or why don't we have more choices because is a scam somany students have reported them to consumer forum i am surprised why you guys don't accept transcripts from foreign or any other because their evaluation is accepted by Us home office that is USCIS and when they hang up i checked their reviews online as somany people have reported them and somany students wasted their entire year just because they couldn't get their transcripts on time my question is when USCIS does recognize their transcripts so why don't you and why did your registration department tell me that i can get it from any accredited firm thats why i submitted to foreign but still if you guys want i will pay you to get my certificates evaluated because i just don't trust their process or you guys give me in writing that if does drag my evaluation for a year you guys will not void my admission. To me and everyone its a joke as you guys don't accept evaluation from foreign credits but USCIS does wow thanku very much but i feel like i am on the edge of canceling my admission soon and will never ever recommend you guys as u all are giving me hard time stress and ruining my high hopes of future.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Ashworth College Cons: Registrar department.

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