Well today, I recieved a collection letter with my name and my grandmother's name (who has been deceased since 2005) saying that I owe $934.99 and they will settle for $290. I have NEVER heard of this place.

I had to google it and I came across this website. Of course their office is closed and I will have to wait until Monday. Has anyone had this problem and have figured out what to do about it? This is showing up on my credit report!

This is complete ***!

I am pissed! Someone help me figure this out!!!!

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Same thing here!! Never heard of the place. Says I owe them over a grand but will settle with 324.70.

have u ever figured this out?


That's nice for you Happy in Oregon, but bear in mind, you are actually a STUDENT who is gaining an education with them. Most of us (yes, I am a victim too) were not actually STUDENTS...

we received no education. We didn't attend classes, or sign on to student portals or do assignments or tests or receive text books or anything like that and yet we are being charged large amounts of money and being contacted by collection agencies for a service that we did not get.


I too was a victim by this *** school. I had contacted them several times and also wrote them a legal letter.

I have yet to hear back from them. I had asked their billing department service (directly from the school) how it is possible for me to have been billed if I had never attended to engaged in any curriculum and he said, " I don't know but it is showing you owe." RIGHT!

If anyone is filing a class action lawsuit, please let me know. You can find my name on face book , message me.

to Shayne Canto #952696

Have u resolved this issue? Im in the same boat! It's on my credit repro yet I have NEVER had ANY online schooling!!!


I am pissed. I just received a bill from Ashworth University.

I have never even heard of this place.

From what I am reading I am not the only one with this problem. I tried calling but got nowhere..What should we do?


The same thing happened to me I dropped out of eighth grade i never attended that school or looked into it now it's on my credit saying i owe this money i don't get it what do i do


I checked into going back to school to get my high school diploma. I checked into Ashworh Online School.They talked me into paying a one tim fee of $20.

I never took any courses their or online and they put me into collections for $1298.00 for the full tuition.I called and tried to resolve this with them and they told me ether i pay the full tuition or i can opt out for $209 for a cancelation fee.How can they charge people for services they never received ?

I am very PISSED!!!!! and frustrated with dealing with collection agencies.I would NEVER RECOMED!!!!!!this university to anyone EVER.........

to Faith Baden Saint Cloud, Minnesota, United States #616726

The $20 was a down payment to start your degree. You should have received something in the mail or online that was a contract for you to sign and mail back with your payment.

In there it would explain the terms.

They have the right to charge you full tuition if you flunk out by not doing any of the work. Even if they dont tell you what it is.


:) I am on my second degree with Ashworthl first with Ashworth College and now with Ashworth University. Have always been very happy with all aspects of the them

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