Norcross, Georgia
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I recently applied for a California teaching permit and was denied because my Early Childhood credits at Ashworth College were not recognized due to the fact that the school is not regionally accredited. This is after scraping up money to pay my balance just so I can get an "Official Transcript" to send to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

So I shouldn't have to say what a BIG BIG disapointment that was because now even though I'm broke and they have my money.

I will never be qualified to work for the state as a teacher unless I go back to school all over again. SMH


Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Sorry that happened to you maybe you can get a refund.


Wouldn't that be nice. I doubt if they would be willing to part with that money. I'm sure they count on people not being aware of the consequences of taking their useless courses.


It is up to you to find out if Ashworth's degree is acceptable to whatever job, school, etc. that you plan on using the degree for.


With all due respect, don't you read before you sign a contract or enroll in ANY kid of institution? they CLEARLY inform about their accreditation in their website, in the student handbook, and for good sake if you google it. So don't blame the college, blame yourself for not doing your homework in this.


I see you're from GA so you must work for the company. I may have known, but didn't understand what it meant for me.

If not, you can spend your money if you want. But what's the point if no one is going to recognize it. I wouldn't recommend going this route. Plus when dealing with the school I found that you guys operate more like a call center than an actual school.

So I don't trust you/them that you have any intention but taking people's money. (With all due respect)


Also if the school is only regionally accredited then it should only be advertising to people in their "region". Why have I seen them in California recruiting?

Why? Because they are scamming in my opinion.