Live Oak, Florida
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This school is a joke. You get out dated material, you get no help at all, and the assignments are *** and not applicable to the real world.

I am taking my masters in Criminal Justice. They lied about their tuition special and now claim I owe them $6,000 more to finish their lame program. You get NO communication with the person grading your paper (Supposidly a teacher of some sort). Your assignmnets are suppose to be graded within 10 days, I have yet to get one done even in 20 days.

Half of the websites that they give you for the assignmnets are not there any more. I have to ask the business administrator questions if I don't understand an assignmnet. Then she cuts and pastes from the syllabus, as if reading it in an email will change anything. The classes are lame, and no contact with anyone.

The graders assign you a grade and absolutely no comments back on why you got the grade. They tell you to resubmit a paper, but the computer won't let you. Truly, do not go to this school. It is a degree mill.

Totoaly worthless. I will be making a formal complaint to DETC and hope everyone else does too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashworth College Program.

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