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Ashworth College in Dallas, Texas - They have VERY bad customer service!

I enrolled my daughter in Ashworth High School. Before making my final decision, the rep kept calling me back over and over to see if I had made up my mind yet. Once I did and sent all the paperwork in, and paid tuition, I kept seeing extra charges on the account. When i would call I would be put on hold for 45 min- 1 hr at a time. If I left a message no one would call back. So I stopped paying. They finally called for payment, it was then that i asked what the charges were, but the lady didnt know and would have someone call. HA! FInally got someone and they said it was a $50 fee to read my childs previous transcript! Then I got another charge saying I had a returned check fee when I pay with a credit card online! Again, it took 2 months to get this resolved with the same waiting period on hold. I dont have extra time for this. They hope you will just pay it and be done! Also, my daughter never gets an immediate response from her teacher when she has a problem. It takes a few days. Idk what they are doing over there.
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Don't feel bad they never called me when I needed help. Took me 12 years to finish on my own.



I am two courses from graduating my Associates in Criminology, and can tell you from firsthand experience that I have had nothing but trouble with customer service. It seemed as though every other week I was on the phone or email with customer service to fix a problem with my portal, books lost etc etc etc.

By far they are the most unprofessional in their field. I fully understood that a degree from a DETC school would not carry much weight, but I wanted to fulfill my dream of graduating with a college degree, but never expected the lack of respect for their students and their educational goals and customer satisfaction.

Stay away at all costs, you will get a piece of paper, but you will not feel the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with completing higher education. Invest in an established educator who is not for profit, it will pay dividends in the end.


This experience does not surprise me. I have taken coursework through Ashworth.

I knew full well that it was not as good as attending a “real” school nor carried the weight, but what I did learn has helped in my career. What prompted me to examine them more closely was an e-mail I received offering a “back to school rate” for their plumbing course. I had recently requested information about it. I called the number and got someone named “Ira” on the line.

It was obvious that he did not have a command of the English language; not a foreigner, but rather an inability to form intelligent sentences. Furthermore, I could tell he was having a great deal of difficulty reading the information in front of him.

Nevertheless, I explained that I was inquiring about the plumbing course at the reduced rate. It was too good to pass up, as it was reduced by over $400. “Ira” said I could sign up today; all he needed was my credit card or bank info.

Needless to say the red flags went up immediately. Why was he so insistent on getting that info? I explained that I do not release such info over the phone, nor would I give it to a stranger. Ira was “befuddled” at that point.

Rather than waste any more time, I hung up. I then tried to respond to the e-mail that Ashworth sent, but got a message saying that the e-mail account was no longer active.

More red flags went up on that one. If this is what they’re starting to do, I’d be VERY leery of them.

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