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I contacted ashworth about a pharm tech program ,the guy I spoke to guarented I would get text books with my program .i signed up and 3 days later NO BOOKS, ! I called the school back I said what is going on I thought I was going to get books he said there e-books and you have to do everything online I said no I was told that you're going to send me books all I have is a tablet and I cannot to downloads and I explain that to you therefore you said you would send me books the programs pretty much worthless unless I run out and buy myself a $600 computer!

At this time I told the guy please just cancel me from the program and do not charge my card and I'm knocking to be doing your program I've been fighting with this company for the last 30 days and barely today they said they just canceled me so they want me to pay $355 of a month worth of school I didn't even do! I couldn't possibly do any of the schooling because I didn't have access to download any of the programs. I enrolled in Allied medical school who had my books to me within 24 hours and they have tutors on call 24 hours it's a great program and less money and for this company here Ashworth just don't even bother I wrote the Better Business Bureau as well and I'm going to file some more complaints!

They just lie do you scam you get you in the door and then expect you to figure it all out it's it's some ***. And if you tried to call then they give you such a runaround you end up and I get to talk to some *** named Monica don't don't even talk to her just hang up on her she's an *** as far as everybody else goes they just give you a run around and then some guy calls you back and that he's rude to you

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashworth College Program.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $366.

Ashworth College Cons: Staff and scam.

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