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Before you waste your money on a High School Diploma from Ashworth! Please read.

We home schooled are daughter due to personal reasons. After reseaching our limited options and being assured that this was an accredited school and it would be accepted by colleges. I paid for my daughter to get her high school diploma from ashworth. She started college for nurseing school one month ago. She was dismissed from school because they will not except her High School Diploma from Ashworth. So she now has to go take her GED because the college will except a GED.

Needless to say I am not very happy right now.

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They might rejected diploma depending on states rules and regulations each state has there own laws when comes to online highschool and career here in florida you they require a highschool diploma with a regional accrediations


We have graduated 2 of our 5 children from the college prep program at Ashworth. Both went to college on the HOPE scholarship and graduated with honors.

Our daughter attended nursing school with no problem at all and has a degree in nursing and healthcare Admin. Did your daughter take the academic/college prep or the General Diploma> I think there is more to this story. I have never heard of a reputable nursing school accepting and enrolling a student anfd THEN kicking them out for previos academic requirements.

We have another son graduating from Ashworth in June and he is dual enrolled at a local college. Again, no problem at all.

@Ashworth Mom

How do Ashworth students apply for the Hope Scholarship?


Both of my older children graduated with honors from the academic/college prep courses at Ashworth. Both went to college on HOPE scholoarship.

Our oldest graduated *** Laude from Mercer University and was accepted into the nursing program with no issue at all. Our 2nd went to college on scholarship and then joined the Marine Corp. and recently earned Marine of the Quarter for academic and work ethic performance. Did you check with the school your daugter wanted to attend before enrolling her?

Did she get a college prep diploma or a general diploma?

I have never heard of a reputable nursing school accepting and enrolling a student and then kicking them out because of their previous education. There must be more to this story!


yeah i made my payment early for july

there talking about no this is for June payment i told the lady i am not making no more payments because i already made the payments for next month