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Ashworth College has wrong hundreds of students, the evidence of which can be seen throughout the web in RippedOff Reports, PissedConsumer posts and every forum with any kind of online education association. Yet they continue to operate without consequence. They maintain a significant student base that remains ignorant of these transgressions, most by choice, and who can blame them? We love the idea of what Ashworth offers; an affordable education we can obtain from the comfort of our homes while working full time. Naturally a majority choose to look the other way while a consistent percentage of Ashworths student base is brazenly ripped off or otherwise mistreated. After all, it hasn't happened to them... yet, they don't have to worry...

I seek to enlighten those who have not yet suffered the emotional and financial hardships so many of us have endured at the hands of Ashworth. So please, put ink to paper or in this case, finger to key and tell your story, who knows... someone might be reading.

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Group name: Ashworth College - The lowest grade in online schooling.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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ashworth is a rip off .. always trying to make money of someone .

i tried to apply a couple of months ago .like 4 months ago. i didnt . but they got my card info ..the representative told me she would need a deposit so i told her i didnt have money on my card she suggested to call back a couple of days later and then i would be officially enrolled . So i didnt call back but now i got these letters from these rip offs and un accredited school ..

that i had a payment delinquency .I called to try to solve this dispute , they said there was a cancellation fee of 200 .$$ ..this is boggus .. bull *** . straight out . .

they are rip offs .

and their school is not a accredited schooll . or diploma .


I was totally took back when I received my Module 2 course work and received a photocopied textbook. WHAT?

So I called the school and complained about the money I paid them and why I was getting photocopied textbooks? I had to buy my own textbook from Amazon they did refund me some for that, but why are we getting photocopied textbooks?

Isn't that illegal the books are copyrighted and I am sure they do not have permission. Anyway,when I called to complain the school tried to make it out they did not know why I got a photocopied textbook??