Ashworth College - Won't supply you the EIN to file taxes

I'm very livid. Trying to file my taxes because I paid for my son to go here and they keep telling me they don't have the EIN? Does anyone know how I can get the number?
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Ashworth College - Alright.?

I just have 2 questions about a specific mistake i had made with cancelling my degree course and then restarting it.?
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Ashworth College - Work out payment arrangements

I haven't talked to anybody yet.
Additional Fees
Advertised vs Delivered
Customer service
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Facilities and Services
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Scholarship, Grants and Programs
Value for money
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My son' s in prison and has been for the last 7 yrs. He wanted an Assoc Degree in Construction Management. I had to b the one for almost 5 yrs to make all the phone calls into Ashworth. I found myself on hold up to like 20 mins at times. The rediculous phone system...
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Ashworth college is a FRAUD

Fraudulently stating they are an accredited College which they are not and directors of each module that you choose are the SOLE administors and if you have an issue, with them then you have NO other resolution for your issue. Kept my Mo eye and kept the certificate. They must give ONE or the other to resolve my situation. Give me my money back or issue me the certificate in Criminal Justice? ASAP.
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I applied to the Criminal Justice Program paid in full and was not shown how to facilitate their system to send in completed work. The director of that module continued to return the completed work, with rude responses and no instructions as to how to enter it the way...
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I have been completely disappointed from the first month I had started my online program with Ashworth. WE take online courses so we can work on things when we have availability. If we are available during holiday vacations and have questions or technical issues we...
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TP1500423 Veronica C Graham Help Me Please, This is my last Lesson to do 12- Project: Individual Tax Return When I tried to submit my lesson I can't because I 'am In the old program. This is my last lesson to do. If you will read the Submitting Your Work. If you have...
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I liked
  • I had a wonderful experince when i started
I didn't like
  • Will not let me finish my course
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If, you cant login ask for assistance, order ahead on your books, Ashworth will tell you they are out of stock and you can get another course while waiting for the book that was next in line. If you have a question they will get back to you in 24 hours. If, the...
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Yes, i was double billed and got it refunded. Yes, rep was rude and calked back to speak to her supervisor. Supervisor will give you her contact information and is very nice w...

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Contact Ashworth College

Mailing Address:
Ashworth College
6625 The Corners Parkway, Suite 500 Norcross, GA 30092
Norcross, Georgia 30092
United States
(800) 957-5412

Ashworth College Products and Services

I just wish I had this info before I signed up. Now not only was I charged 1,099.00 but I was charged twice. I complained to staff 4 times in the last 2 days. They insist that their was only 1 charge to my account. I'm looking right at my bank statement right now and...
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Bianca Stevens

THis happened to me as well.


What makes you think they are wrong. Can you tell us?

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