Ithaca, New York
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Customer service

I called for information on a program and the representative was a little miffed that I was calling..."what information do you need other than what you read online?"....Um, really?? I want information on the program and talking to a real person helps.

My bad. He asked if I was "ready to enroll today" and I told him "No, maybe a month from now, I'm just collecting and comparing information between colleges". he basically wrote me off right there. "Well, call back when you are ready.

The savings fee expires on Thursday".... well sir- my concern isn't with how much money I would save but more of how much of an education I would get. Guess that answered ALL of my questions right there.

Also, they claim to be accredited by the AVMA but nowhere on the AMVA website is their name listed. Looking elsewhere for an education.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashworth College Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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