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My son' s in prison and has been for the last 7 yrs. He wanted an Assoc Degree in Construction Management. I had to b the one for almost 5 yrs to make all the phone calls into Ashworth. I found myself on hold up to like 20 mins at times. The rediculous phone system they have is so hard to figure out and by their standards and I would b explaining our who big situation to the wrong person but wouldnt find out until the end of my "story". Then Id have to explain sometimes a couple more times.

They'd say they were sending assignments or grades or whichever and it would take weeks to get to him. If at all.

Ive failed to mention that they arent allowed internet access at the prison my son is in so Jason had to do all of his work by writing and our wonderful US Postal Service. Thru all trial he and I went thru my son got his Assoc. Degree with a 4.0 gpa. As u can imagine, Im extremely proud of him and now Im so very glad I dont have to worry about his tuition coming out of my check ANYMORE. A nearby college came by and hand selected 50 inmates to take classes and only offered them 2 choices. So now my son has another Assoc Degree in Entrepreneueal Studies. Another 4.0. Can u tell Im proud?

Anyway, yes these ppl and their phone system are difficult to get along with but I guess being in prison helps. U learn patience. Out here in the free world its all hustle and run, go, go, go...

Guess what Im trying to say is if u can learn some patience and remember the stubburn jack *** (Jason) that did it all in pen, u can surely do it and get a 100%.

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I am very disappointed in my experience with Ashworth College. So I guess I did not do well in the classes so they are still going to take money from my checking account even though I did not pass .