Richland, Washington

I am very sad to see all the complaints about Ashworth. I just finished the MA program, and I loved it.

I currently work in a healthcare office, and know much of what they were teaching...I did not think any of it was outdated, and I thought it was very useful information. I never had a problem wtih billing...the only time they would call me, was if I was late on a paymeny...and that is no differnt from any other company.

They send you everything you need, and I would reccomend them to anyone!! Sorry to everyone who thought otherwise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashworth College Program.

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If I were you, I would seriously consider any positive feedback about Ashworth is coming from their damage control department. Please, be careful.

A degree from this college, in the real world, is useless. You are better off applying for a pell grant and getting federal financial aid and attending a "real" college or university from a regionally accredited school.


I'm going to have to call this review BS!! Sounds like one of the "employees" of this worthless scam of a school that preys on uneducated people and STEALS hundreds of dollars from each one that falls into their trap. I would recommend anyone that is dealing with or has dealt with this scam of a business to post on every website or forum out there to get the word out that this is a SCAM!!


If financial aid is not provided...then it is not an accredited school. Then why would anyone bother trying to attend?

I have never enrolled and cannot believe I have a collection agency sending me a letter stating that I owe them money.

No way, I actually attended Northern Arizona University in person. Not online, craziest thing I have ever heard.


:) Glad to hear something positive about Ashworth. I just enrolled in their MA program and am waiting for my books to arrive.