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Ashworth College has been doing wrong by hundreds of people with no real recourse, aside from a D rating by the Better Business Bureau. So it is with great pleasure that I create this domain for people to voice their accurate accounts of how this "college" has wronged them. If any person relates inaccurate or false information, and it is brought to my attention, said posts will be promptly deleted. Please inform those who haven't been ripped off or otherwise unfairly treated yet, so that they may be spared the financial and emotional burdens so many of us, less than fortunate, Ashworth students have been.

The name of the Facebook group is:

Ashworth - The lowest grade in online schooling

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Have been reading over the many many posts about this college and decided to relate our experiences with them.

My wife is Asian, having been here at the time for only nines years wanted to become a nurse.

Seeing their advertising she decided to enroll with them, unbenonst to me. I became aware that she had enrolled when she started inquiring what to do about the fact that she hadn't recieved any materials from them. I immediatly started looking into them and found out of course that evan if upon successful completion of their program that it would not be recognised by the state of MD, so I told her that she needed to cancel and I would help her look into a real college nursing program. Needless to say Ashworth started calling her and threating her.

I basically told them to p*ss off and had her send a letter to them that she had legally cancelled and was excersing her rights under the Fair Credit reporting Act. We didn't hear anything for quite awhile, then she started getting letters from Arrow Financial where they had bought the account from Ashworth and I then helped her write a letter to them to the same effect. Same thing, no more contact from them, but started to get letters from First Source Advantage, LLC ; another debt collector. In the letter they say that "LVNV Funding LLC has purchased the above referenced account from Ashworth University.

Resurgent Capital Services, LP has paced your account with us for collection."

All are the same company operating under different names. They are being sent the same notification letter to exercise her rights under the Fair Credit reporting Act.


I haven't attended Ashworth (just looking into it)...but they currently (June 2011) have an A+ rating with the BBB, not a D rating.

Of course, that says nothing about whether the diploma will be accepted by employers...


ashworth is a rip off .. always trying to make money of someone .

i tried to apply a couple of months ago .like 4 months ago. i didnt . but they got my card info ..the representative told me she would need a deposit so i told her i didnt have money on my card she suggested to call back a couple of days later and then i would be officially enrolled . So i didnt call back but now i got these letters from these rip offs and un accredited school ..

that i had a payment delinquency .I called to try to solve this dispute , they said there was a cancellation fee of 200 .$$ ..this is boggus .. bull *** . straight out . .

they are rip offs .

and their school is not a accredited schooll . or diploma .