I joined Ashworth college a little less than a year ago and i have already completed my HVAC Course. I have nothing but good things to say about ashworth College...So to all the folks who have issues with them you are full of bull.

I have had no problems, My books were on time..

The tuition is awesome ...would I recommend them to a friend ...yes i would and then some. It just makes me wonder why so many people want to say bad things about this College when all I have is good things to say...Good luck in the future.

Location: Orange Park, Florida

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I'm ready to join but. Will they help me for epa. Test


Can anybody share an experience taking the HVAC program?


Hundreds of bad comments, 1 good one. Yea thats an employee.


I'm going to have to call this review BS!! Sounds like one of the "employees" of this worthless scam of a school that preys on uneducated people and STEALS hundreds of dollars from each one that falls into their trap. I would recommend anyone that is dealing with or has dealt with this scam of a business to post on every website or forum out there to get the word out that this is a SCAM!!


Cierra,Some simple reercsah on their website answers your question. UNH is an undergraduate/graduate school.

A graduate school offers expert education above and beyond the undergraduate degree. Graduate degrees include PhDs, JDs, MDs, DMDs, etc ..A professional school offers education below an undergraduate degree, but is specialized. Like some nursing certifications, some assistant positions paralegal, vet assistant, etc. A professional school is usually targeted curriculum in one topic area.

A graduate degree is sought after you have a broad Bachelors degree within an area (BA in Math, Science, etc)Most importantly, to pursue a graduate degree you must have an undergraduate degree first. To pursue a certificate from a professional school you typically need a HS diploma or GED.Hope that helps, the UNH website should have all the rest the info you need.Please vote for best answer if you think this information deserves the extra points.Thanks


I find that people who have complained about Ashworth are those who are just lazy and lost motivation in taking the time to read their books, etc. I read one how he didn't learn anything while in the program, and I figured it was because he didn't go in depth in his readings..

which he's suppose to.

Oh well, just have to be motivated, ya know? :)


You sound like an employee. What do you have to say about people who have completed course and cant get thier certificate?

What do you say about those getting thier cards charged double?

All you can say is lazy to throw people off your bad pratices? Shameful


I'm just checking into the reviews before I sign up. I work full time and don't have transportation, where I would have to take a bus after class each night.

I car pool now from work each day. I wonder if I would have any problems getting books ontime via mail from Ashworth.

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