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Overall was pleased with the coursework (Landscape Design)...however, the admissions rep who signed me up told me that my books would be there within 7-10 business days so I could get started. Actual fact...your books arrive 7-10 business days after you OPEN each I ended up with a 2 week delay. others have noted...all of the books were "backordered." So my first course books arrived in May while course 3 arrived in April. Oh and course 2? Got the drawing materials but no mention of the fact that this is an online that was in the portal but you couldn't actually have a full page view of a book showing you how to draw landscape plans.

Thankfully...I bought all of the books on Amazon without waiting for these guys to get with it and send them. Argued them out of a $50 credit and I can return the books to Amazon less the cost of I don't eat a lot except for the online book that I bought and don't plan to return as it is the MOST important of the three!!!

The support folks are great...they really are nice and understanding...but not being able to contact the actual admissions office is a crock and their inability to get a student the books that they paid for via the admissions contract in a timely manner is a breach of contract and should result in a bit more than $50 being refunded. I paid my money and am doing the work...I expect to get my books!!

Also...fair warning...for the final project in Landscape Design you will need to buy around $100 in materials to draw the be ready for that!

Overall...I would potentially do it again...but I'd just plan on an extra $250 for books and materials and sell what they send you.


oh and ps...if you want to bust your tail and fly through like I told the admissions rep I wanted to? You can't actually get a certificate until it has been 4 months. So...plan accordingly.

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