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I know how you feel. I signed up for Graphic Design courses.

Yes, tuition is extremely affordable, and that's it. I now know this is also part of a High School as well. My GPA was 3.5 and when it came to the next course, awful. No where does it tell you in the curriculum that you need additional software which is Adobe $299/year.

My first book was sent to me, after completing that you move to the next, well the email stated my book was on it's way, so I waited 3 weeks and called, the rep looks up my info and says it's E-book, so I said why did it state my next book is on the way??? Proper etiquette (especially online) is introduction. The teacher or Professor to send an email stating whom he/she is and about the course. I emailed whomever sent that generic email and I have not received a response to the instructor or anything.

I had to end/deactivate my account because they did not disclosed full and proper course disclosure, they have a lot of work to do, because this could be a better Online college if they are truthful and not scamming. About me: Started May 2017 I was very excited 3.5 GPA Graphic Designer Ended: August 2017 My issues: No communication They don't disclose extra cost outside of tuition You don't know whom your teacher/professor are Student portal does not help you It wasn't until the second session that you need additional software that you have to pay.

This should be disclosed in the curriculum, because had I known this in the beginning I WOULD NOT HAVE SIGNED UP IN MAY!!! Positive Received 1 voicemail message congratulations on my next step Received my information to access was immediately after payment Unlimited access to your portal

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