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I just receive my PT diploma 2 days ago. I was expecting that they will send me the graduation information in advance so I will know all the details.

And now they said I cant do it because the deadline is on yhe 21st Of June. So sad to hear that as a student its our big accomplishment to finish some course that we give so much time and effort. We balanced our time with my family just to achieved this goal of mine and hoping to march and recieve my second college degree. And now ashworth just say sorry Maam you already pass the deadline you cannot attend.

Well then find a way to help out those students far away from your school.

Im so proud to be a student with honors to this school but you guys failed to support the needs of your student. You failed!

Aina E Docena

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Ashworth College Cons: Poor customer service, Customer service.

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If you paid attention to their main page and the facebook page and their student community, they announced back in March/April the deadline/cut off date for Graduation 2019.