Miami, Florida

I decided to enroll in Ashworth college course and after the thirty day trial period I decided not to take the class. I spoke with the college and they said" we will cancel your account at not charge" now they are sending me to collections for a course/class I did not take.

They are only out for money and it is not an accredited school and the classes are not up to date. They can not change their minds and ask for money for a class I did not take for the whole amount.

I even said I would send the books back. I want everyone out there to know how bad this school is and not to enroll!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashworth College Course.

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same thing happened to me only when I called them they said well you only have the first 5 days to decide and after that you get charged a 20% administration fee and a percent of any lesson you completed


All they want is $,$,$ for a pile of garbage.


They are doing the same to me too. I want my two months refund. They are stalling.


Ashworth College is accredited, they are nationally accredited but they are not regionally accredited. Some schools will allow you to transfer your credits over, it all depends on the school.


The same thing happened when I withdrew my son Kevin from the class prior to the 30 day period being up. Now they are calling him wanting money saying that it was for a "loan".

First off they have no financial aid--it's monthly payments.

They are a fraud. :(