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For anyone thinking about going to an online school please stay away from ASHWORTH COLLEGE, this school is the absolute WORST. I’m not locking online learning at all just this lousy, pathetic “school”.

Do NOT be fool by their so called affordable price, IT’S A COMPLETE WASTE OF YOUR MONEY AND TIME. I own a small bookkeeping company and require all our associate bookkeepers to have bookkeeping credentials. I decided to enroll one of staff members at Ashworth “College”; I wasn’t sure if this would the company’s preferred school, so I decided I would enroll and shallow the employee. I glance over the curriculum and thought it interesting but not in-depth.

As my employee moved along in the program I would ask questions or explain different aspects of bookkeeping and accounting to her you could tell by the look on her face she was lost. Then I began the program, which I grossly inadequate, and poorly developed. Much to my surprise this school takes students money and provides NO contact to an instructor I mean NO contact. The students in their bookkeeper diplopia program are given a textbook and three workbooks and left 100% on their own.

At the end of the program there is a final project no one there seems know anything about. I know this because when I noted contradictions in their spread sheets and contacted them, at first, they try to explain but when challenged them and it became apparent to them they couldn’t just tell me anything old thing they became defensives and refuse to speak to me. Keep in mind I was a student. All anyone needs to do is take a look in their bookkeeping forum, a 80% of the students are stuck on the final project, lost and hopeless.

It’s heartbreaking. These people thought there were going to get an education, without assistance they will never complete the program and the greedy people behind this lousy school gets to keep their money, it’s a SHAME. PS.

The program comes with automatic access to NBA Bookkeepers Certification exam, my employee has been waiting almost 3 weeks and counting…. Please don’t waste your money on this scam of school.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashworth College Bookkeeping Course.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Is anyone interested in a class action lawsuit? The final project can’t be completed for full credit, it sets students up to fail.

I have spent hours and hours on it, the total they indicate for the balance sheet and income statement can’t be attained without instruction.

I ended up putting the difference to a suspense account that I created just to turn in the assignment. I wish I would have found these reviews sooner.


I couldn't agree more with every comment here about Ashworth(less) college. There is absolutely NO help anywhere.

You can't even email your instructor. I am just looking for the excel spread sheets in the practice set 3 and no one can tell me how to access them.

Total waste of money. Wish I knew how to get the word out faster about this school that is, in my opinion, a total scam!


Wish I had found this post sooner! I've having the exact same trouble!

Would have been cheaper to pay on the NBA site to just take the test... even if I had to do it three times.


I’m on the final project right now and I am at a complete loss


I have been stuck on the project now for months

@its true

I have too, I am actually currently working on it and wish I had someone like you near me that could help walk me through what i am doing wrong.


I'm stuck just the same way! They are not teaching nor helping