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I'm a student here at Ashworth and I want to get one thing straight here, IT IS NOT A SCAM! Get it through your heads or get some factual information.

If you have trouble receiving your materials, then call be an adult and get it straightened out. They are not a scam, they want you to succeed and go beyond. I know, because I have graduated here and have had nothing but pure success with this school. It is not a scam at all.

If you do not like it, Then do not enroll. Simple as that. I am so tired of seeing ignorant people shame the school that I have gotten a bachelors and masters degree from for no relevant reason whatsoever. Life happens, if textbooks are going to be a bit late your not going to die from it so relax!

Ashworth is an amazing school and I am so happy I attended. It is a beautiful school with phenomenal programs and offer you nothing but the best. If anything, Ashworth is an online school that works hard to match Ivy League standards.

As far as I am concerned they are doing an immaculate job at it and I hope they keep up the good work. Ashworth deserves so much more credit than it is given, bottom line its an amazing school and it needs to be recognized for it.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Ivy League standards? Are you serious?


Have you gotten a job with your degrees? That's all I want to know


Hi there! Yes I have,I work as an administrator at a hospital here in Florida and it has been a great experience.

Everything I learned I apply here on a daily basis.

I've been working this job for about two and a half years now. :)


I have a question for you. I'm curious about this, have you had any issues having your degrees recognized?

I just want to know from someone that has gone that far before I go there. Thanks.


Hi there! In my area, I have had no problems with employers recognizing the degrees.

They just saw it as any other degree and the accrediting that the school has, was not an issue at all either they were perfectly fine with it.

I hope all goes well for you :) I think employers in California will accept your degree I know there are a very few select states that do not accept these types of degrees, however I do not think California is affected. :)


degrees with this college is worthless. Good luck guys


"The degrees at this college are worthless.good luck guys" that honestly made me laugh because #1, if you think these degrees are worthless then go to university of phoenix first. That's the equivalent of getting a piece of paper from a garbage dumpster and writing your name on it and saying "oh look at me I have a degree and it says I know how to do this, will you hire me?" when in reality they provide you nothing but used junk and their degrees do not have any credibility to them at all.On the contrary, everything you put in to your work, Ashworth delivers right back.

By working hard, it leavs me with a good standing in their school and their programs are exceptional. They want you to become involved, they hold you to doing your best and you yourself are rewarded for it. They help with externships and moving you forward. If it wasn't true would I actually be writing this?

If it's about "regional accreditation" FYI in majority of the states in the U.S.,employers don't care if it's regionally or nationally accredited, just as long as it has some form of it and this school has all the right sources of accreditation even if it's national so it is legitimate. If it didn't work out for you then move on!!! Don't disrespect others views, everyone has a right to say what they want just as long as they can back it up. If it didn't work out for you somehow or someway then go elsewhere and don't be an ignorant troll.

My employers hired me and I now have a secure job and make more money than I ever did. So yeah my "worthless degrees" actually advanced me in my health career.

Think before you speak you ignorant twit and learn to back up your answers by growing a backbone. Good day!


Hi there, I don't know if my first response posted or not but I'll just go ahead and restate it anyways just to be sure:)

In my area, I have not had any problems with my employers recognizing my degree, they knew it was online but they just saw it as any other degree. They mostly cared that I had it and I could carry out my career with confidence through what I learned with my time at the school.

Same goes for the accrediting, the school had all the right sources of accreditation so it did not matter just as long as it was accredited either nationally or regionally, either is fine. I know that Ashworth is not accepted in a few select states but I don't think California is affected :) but I would double check just to make sure.