Elmhurst, Illinois

It's sad to read horrible comments about any company. I have received my HS diploma, two other certificates and now working on my B.S.B.A. I have not encountered any problem with Ashworth in all my years, nor with the accreditations.

Learning at home isn't for everyone. This type of learning is for disciplined people, self motivated and result driven. Every school, place of employment, hang out etc.. will have negative connotation if you look; however, if you search which is harder you'll fine the good and the benefits. This institution hasn't been around since the 80's for nothing. You see, we the people make the environment, not the other way around. The material is great, the challenge exciting and the end result is what I want it to be.

You are, where you are, strictly, because of the choices you make!!!

If it will make you feel better, Whats important in life is not where you are, but what you did to get there. Where you are, is the result.

Good luck on your path of choice.....

God Bless, DD..

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It sucks to read so many negative comments. I also have not had a problem with Ashworth.

I've been in Ashworth since late 2007.

It helps because I'm also a student at a few of schools going for other majors. For all schools I have attended and been attending, it all feels the same.


yea its nice to read all those bad comments about ashworth but its not the same as if u would be in my shoes . .

dealin with all this bs rip off school is giving me .yea nd the reason why they been around since the 80s is cuz all they do us rip off people .ashworth is a rip off .. always trying to make money of someone . i tried to apply a couple of months ago .like 4 months ago. i didnt .

but they got my card info ..the representative told me she would need a deposit so i told her i didnt have money on my card ..so she suggested to call back a couple of days later and then i would be officially enrolled . So i didnt call back but now i got these letters from these rip offs and un accredited school .. that i had a payment delinquency .I called to try to solve this dispute , they said there was a cancellation fee of 200 .$$ ..this is boggus .. bull *** .

straight out . . they are rip offs .

and their school is not a accredited schooll . or diploma .



It's good to read the satisfied customer comments but, after working so hard to earn your degrees, why didn't Ashworth require English grammar, spelling, etc. as well? A standard college or university worth their salt would never let students graduate with such poor spelling.


Pleased Student

learn how to spell and word usage before you go for your masters...

their, to, accepts

not: there, too and excepts


i want to attend this school but i am scared after reading all the bad comments.

Please if someone is attend the school now please send me an email to let me know the truth. outenw@yahoo.com


I am not for sure what everyone's issue is with Ashworth, but I have been enrolled since 2007, and as of to date, I have had no issues with them. When I call I get some one right away, any question I ask via email, it is always responded back too in an appropriate time frame.

My materials come on time as there is never a delay in me getting them.

I have also checked with other schools as I will be entering in my masters program soon, and every school I looked into excepts there credits. My experience with them has been nothing but wonderful.


I am a high school history teacher. I have sent so many students to Ashworth to make up single courses.

Ashworth is excellent.

My oldest son took a year off of regular school to earn credits at home. We had no trouble moving his credits back to regular school for his senior year.

My youngest son, is now enrolled in Ashworth because of the terrific electives. We have been pleased. Do not be afraid of Ashworth.

They are accredited. My oldest son is now at Auburn University doing great.


I would have to agree that this is a great online school. I have recieved excellent support from staff over the past year and never had any financial was blems.

i was even given a discount on tuition wich is now paid in full. the reason why the exams did not match was because the lesson materials were changed and updated. All it took was a phone call and my exam was and the rep even stayed on the line while i completed my exam. As I maintain a 95% GPA and will continue on to the MBA program at Ashworth University.

Thank u Ashworth for giving all the haters one more thing to hate on, Making an inexpensive avenue for career driven people like myself who beleive in being a life long learner, raising famalies as well as working full time! I'm defenately saticfied!