Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Received a collection letter dated 1-3-2012, stating that I owe money from an account with Ashworth University. Called the collection agency (FirstSource Advantage) and of course I get to speak to someone who can barely speak English...Offering me a reduced rate to satisfy this account.

First off I do not owe this money, who is Ashworth University and why has it taken 6 YEARS. Q: Where is the verification that I signed up? A: I don't have access to that information.

"I can offer you a discount on the balance owed and if you dispute this debt I will not be able to help you in the future...REALLY!!!! Another pissed off consumer!!!!

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My mother got the same thing in the mail today, so they are still scamming people. She has never been in any college online or not.

She hasn't even heard of this Ashworth College. So this is a total scam to try and get money out of people.


Very highly PO'd right now!!! This is an e-mail I just sent to them ...

I have gotten several phone calls in the past couple weeks about some supposed balance that I owe on my account!! Ashworth was paid on 7/21/08 $1090 and then ASHWORTH returned it to my Employer on 2/13/09???? NOW 3 YEARS LATER YOU ARE CALLING ME ABOUT A BALANCE ON MY ACCOUNT!!!!! I keep getting transferred to a supervisor (so I think) but coincidentally keep getting "disconnected" after waiting on hold forever to try and fix something you have seemingly SCREWED UP!!! After I just got disconnected (and you are calling me AT WORK), I have to write this e-mail because NO ONE seems to know what is going on and why the payment was returned to my company back in 2009!!! It says I called and requested it. I can assure you that I DID NOT call and request for you to send the payment back so that NOW I WILL have a balance, and a $1090 one at that!!!!! Someone needs

to get their act together there and figure out what is going on. How many other students have all of a sudden, after several years, wound up getting calls about a mysterious balance on their account???????

Sooooo apparently they are looking for some way to get money. After 3 years they didn't notice I had an outstanding balance of $1090????? WHY BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE IT!!! THEY SUPPOSEDLY SENT THE PAYMENT BACK TO MY EMPLOYER!!! WHY???? BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!


Um, he say's pretty specifically that he doesn't know WHO AshWORTH university, (not ashFORD), and why in the *** would you pay money for something that you never signed up for? I'll bet all the scammers just loooove you.

I'm also having an issue with them claiming I owe them money. I NEVER signed up with them and recieved a collection letter and telephone call today.


This has just happened to me from this schoool! First i was in highschool when i supposedly went to this university and I have never signed up for this school, heard of this school untilll now.

Same thing they cant tell me anything but yet they know all my information! Idk what to do


Rather than explaining when did you leave Ashford, and at what if any minor debts you had at the time with them, you go into a tirade of how it took 6 years to what? You owe them money so pay them up and stop being a sore loser.

Next time don't sign up for anything you can't or wont pay. BTW Ashford sucks, go to a Community College!