Pharr, Texas
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Supposedly I owe this school money from a course I don't remember and a school I don't remember.They want me to pay 904.53 or one payment of 452.26 for a bill I owe from 2003. This is ridiculous and i will not pay it at any point in time.

I am now enrolled in a college worth my time and the money that I earn to get a great education.

This collections agency must not know that if it has been over 7yrs you don't collect from anyone anymore. but well that's my fault for listening to the *** they served me over the phone.

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I clicked on the website to get information about 10 years ago and somehow I got enrolled in school. I had been through brain surgery and explained it to them and there isn't a judge alive that would hold me responsible for researching a school and getting information.

I was the dumb one for giving them my information. Now I am told I was enrolled and owe over $1000, and they have put it on my credit report.