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I am highly disappointed that my husband didnt even get any of his schooling sent to him you never told him what to do you STOLE our money and have legit only sent him two letters one stating you were sending him to collections and the next was from an ENTIRELY different school stating it was from collections. WE ARE TAKING LEGAL ACTION AND WE ARE SUING YOU FOR THEFT AND FRAUD.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I just wish I had this info before I signed up. Now not only was I charged 1,099.00 but I was charged twice.

I complained to staff 4 times in the last 2 days. They insist that their was only 1 charge to my account. I'm looking right at my bank statement right now and they're clearly 2 charges glaring back at me. I call my bank and have them take the charge off and called ashworth back telling them that the charge was removed but 1 day later, the charge was back and fully processed this time.

I called them back to let them know. All they told me was that I said that my bank removed the charge. They DID but it reappeared on my online bank statement. They did nothing!

So I cancelled my tuition there within the 5 days of enrolling so I better be getting my "100% Refund" back + The over charge.I've just opened up a claims dispute against them through my bank. I just hope that after the investigation is over, I can get my 2,198 dollars back.THEY'RE A BUNCH OF CROOKS!

BEWARE: SIGN UP AT YOUR OWN RISK. I would give a screenshot but I don't want my bank info floating on a public site.


You didn't think to ask where the materials were or how to access them because? Or was that part just to easy?

Maybe you need to learn how to ask questions.

That might get you somewhere. They would have told you how to access the materials no problem if you were smart enough to ask


They should not have to ask and who says they didn't. You must be an employee.

They should have been told the next step. Evil!

Can't wait until you get screwed over in life. You won't be so cocky,!!!!


Have you taken classes through this school? Just wondering because I'm looking into it and they are the most affordable but the reviews are all over the place... I'm looking for an opinion of someone who's used the program and I'm not interested in reading all the complaints people are making about refunds, money etc.

@Renee Iwanicki

ignore the badmouthing. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/ashworthcollege.edu Go there to get a mix of good AND bad reviews.

@Renee Iwanicki

I just completed the bachelors program last month. Is it a perfect school?

No, Can it be improved? Yes, but will it? That's where the problem lies. For example, the student portal was upgraded, I don't care for the upgrades.

I liked the old format. Anyway, the student handbook states that exams are proctored. But the student portal is not designed to alert you that you must complete a proctored exam, after you've completed and received grades for all exams and assignments for that semester. Once you complete all assignments and receive your grades, the system launches your next course.

No freezing of the account. No, STOP, you cannot proceed without completing your proctored exams, NO nothing. Yet, money was invested to change the entire format of the student portal, but not was invested into that little simple idea. Other than that, if you enjoy studying independently, and at your own pace, you will love this school.

There's a lot of work, but you'll get out of it, what you put into it. Open books and 24hours to complete exams, you can't beat it. However, proctored exams are timed. No blackboard discussions and all your books are included in your tuition fee.

Like me, I read all the reviews, but I had to try it for myself.

And, hey, if you don't like the experience, you can always withdraw from the program, but read your student handbook first. I hope this helps.


I'm working on my Bachelor's in Healthcare Mangement. No, not the perfect school out there.

Is it the only school that will let me get my degree with no student loans? Yes.I like the old format better, don't care much for the new format. Yes, there is a lot of "you have to ride their *** to figure out what the next step is at times. Pain in the rear?

Yes. Annoying having to wait 10-15 days for an assignment to get graded? Yes. Tutoring dept?

well, your own your own. Backorderd books? Annoying at times, yes. The school is cheap, but I have learned a lot.If I'm so frustrated and at times annoyed with the school, why do I stick around?Because after 10+ years of doing what I do in the healthcare field, and in the day and age of you need a BA degree to even think about doing what a kid with an HS diploma and a couple community college certificates used to be able to do-I am now at risk of losing my employment and missing out on promotions or more challenging work because I don't have that piece of paper that says "bachelor's degree" on it.This school, yes has issues.

I'm dealing with them because I need the Bachelor's degree. I can't afford to take out loans to attend "normal" college classes on a normal campus.It is what it is, so far it has been worth it to me.