Murrieta, California

i attened correspodence course for 9 months i paid $1200.00 tuition and fee penility $385.00 for account change, afther 9 month of clsses 3 done and 2 left, Ashworth calls me out of the blue and says my accountis worng, and they charge me $385.00 again for account change, but also i lost all my classes for 9 months and they charge me for new classes $1200.00 again for classes i was taking for 9 months. What a ripp off, dnt take calls from them or you will be sorry, out of money, they will not ammit t omistakes

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not to defend what seems to be a terrible school, but good lord, how were you accepted into any college let alone a junior high. ive seen 6 year olds with better spelling.


Did you pass at all ? If you repeating just say so. Please


Your post is not very clear. Did you complete the classes?

Did you take any finals?

It sounds like you're leaving out a lot of information. To make a valid complaint, you should provide all the information.