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Ashworth college is charging me with the amount of $911.50 for what i don't even know. I was a former student who cancelled the program.

I then re_enrolled to the school after about a year or two. The school charged me $25.00 for that re-enrolment.

I found out that after i was re-enrolled, i was given wrong information, so i called with 24 hours to cancelled the program. I never recieved any study materials, but got a one later in the mail months after this, saying that i owed the school $911.50. How could this be?

No study matrials, I haven't started the class, but i'm being threaten to pay this amont before being sent to a collection agency....This is not right, and it has to be someone out there to help resolve frauds like what is going on at Ashworth university.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashworth College Program.

Monetary Loss: $911.

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Ashworth is giving a family member some of the same issues. Soon I will start a class action, I think we will have enough individuals who have been taken.


Do not let Ashworth College rip you off. Get on their website and find their cancellation policy...it's real easy.

When you find it, you will notice that the policy says nothing about any of the financial requests they are asking of you. Print it up, write a letter using this policy, and fight back.

The policy simply states that if you (student) should cancel the program, you will only owe money for the amount of lessons you have used--nothing more! Check it out, and defend yourself as I am.


I cancelled the class,with in the first lesson. yearslater,I get a notafication on my credit report,and they are charging me a cancellation fee,but through a collection company. I would be alarmed about this,if I were looking into this place that cheats you.


Hey guys I also almost got ripped by them I signed my son up in March 2008 and one month later canceled because he wasnt doing it . I called in April 2008 to cancel .

they told me I would have to pay an $80.00 cancellation fee which noone ever told me about . I was constantly sending them email to cancel and they just kept debiting my account every month . I called again on April 14th 2009 and tld them I had been tryingto cancel this for a year and i wanted my money back in my account . I also sent a letter telling them I was going to get a Lawyer if they did not take care of this.

Still o money back in my account today April 20th . I am hold with them now to find out why . If you have been cheated by them and have tried to cancel keep calling them . They best thing to do however is to email then you have documentation .

I would not pay them anything Iwould demand my money back for what i did pay . Good Luck


I am experiencing the same problem, except they want me to pay 1091! I changed majors when reinstating my account but they didn't tell me only 3 of my 10 classes would go into the new program and that I would have to pay another semester's tuition for just those 3 classes I had previously paid for and 2 more new classes. This is a ripoff.