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Ashworth University, formally known as PCDI is a complete ripoff. I am warning anyone, do not attend.

You never get help with your assingments, and forbid if you want a refund. I made the mistake of paying in full, for the full semester. I was ripped off. They said i could get a refund but i recieved nothing, not even a partial refund.

Not to mention the people who answer the phones must hate there jobs, they are always angry. Please listen to me, run from this school, fast as possibile.

This is a waste of time and money. Do not waste your time paying for bad service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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ashworth is a rip off .. always trying to make money of someone .

i tried to apply a couple of months ago .like 4 months ago. i didnt . but they got my card info ..the representative told me she would need a deposit so i told her i didnt have money on my card she suggested to call back a couple of days later and then i would be officially enrolled . So i didnt call back but now i got these letters from these rip offs and un accredited school ..

that i had a payment delinquency .I called to try to solve this dispute , they said there was a cancellation fee of 200 .$$ ..this is boggus .. bull *** . straight out . .

they are rip offs .

and their school is not a accredited schooll . or diploma .