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I've been trying to clear this up for years now. I reside in Grand Rapids Michigan and I graduate from a local school college here so why would I attend this university just to be hypothetical it would not make any sense as I have my degree.

I sent them the information along with a letter Stating that I never attended that school. Took any classes online or other etc. Sometime later, I received a letter from them saying I oh all of this money, so again I call and write another letter. Rewind months almost a year later, and I received a collection agency call them tell them what happened write a letter disputing thought it was cleared up and now I received another letter from the new collection agency saying at all or seven 4782 for something I never chuck never heard of at the time and graduated from a local college here in Michigan.

I am frustrated and NBA and annoyed as I'm trying to improve my credit not add anything negative to at in this it has reported to the agencies of such. I've tried everything in my power and wasted months of my time now and I get nowhere. This has to be illegal somehow, someway! Between this university and other places that have done the same to consumers, shame on you!

It's so beyond frustrating that we, as innocent bystanders, have to spend our time on such nonsense and in reference to things we never were involved with, nor should be charged for! It all goes into the same realm as the "innocent until proven guilty," theme, which we all know is completely false and vice versa! People have to spend thousands of dollars due to "hearsay" or false, fraudulent claims that are made against them, and what do they get in return after proving their innocence and non-involvement within all of this???? Absolutely NOTHING except a huge attorney bill to prevent fake charges being brought into them and etc...

So why do innocent people have to pay out of pocket to prove their worthiness and innocence in things like this??? It makes ZERO sense! And I understand if it something where there's a past in the powder in a reasonable suspicion or things like that. But not like this and other similarities.

I'm sorry to get off track here but if people want to bring out false claims, accusations, and other such fake news about others, I don't think that it's right, fear, and completely not constitutional that we have to pay out of our pocket for an attorney for things we never dead or partook in at all that should be a free charge once your innocence is proven and then you should be reimbursed for your time and stressors, to say the least. I'm getting so sick and tired of this country and the screwed up one sided rules, that I could scream. Constitutional- NOT Fair- NOT Innocent Until "PROVEN" Guilty- ABSOLUTELY NOT! (What actually constitutes "proven," anyways??) --You see, this is ALL a Hoax!

It's a vicious circle of BS, to say the least. (Someone once referred it to a Pet Gerbil or Hamster in a cage, when it's spinning around and around on its wheel. -And, that is EXACTLY what this and other similar nonsense is! ALL nothing other than A vicious-never ending circle of nothingness, while ending up at square one, when it's all said and done..

I don't think it's fair nor legally correct, that as an innocent, innocuous bystander, one should have to spend such countless hours of their time to prove their innocence of such and get nowhere. How is this "innocent until proven guilty?"

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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