Seattle, Washington

I took a course at Ashworth I graduated. Got my degree and was accepted into 4 top law schools.

My books was alwasys ontime. I payed my tuition on time. I payed off my tuition before graduation So I did not experience all the problems that i'm reading. Some time they were a bit slow sending recomendations but Ashworth is worth it.

The tuition is quite affordable.

Every thing I learned in Criminal Justice was recent and i proved this by recent text books from other colleges. I would definately recomend others to this school

Where Forces fail patience will often succeed

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashworth College Course.

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Maybe this is just the lawyer with the worst spelling ever? Hard to believe someone with a criminal justice degree has such terrible spelling grammar, but I guess it it possible?


I'm going to have to call this review BS!! Sounds like one of the "employees" of this worthless scam of a school that preys on uneducated people and STEALS hundreds of dollars from each one that falls into their trap. I would recommend anyone that is dealing with or has dealt with this scam of a business to post on every website or forum out there to get the word out that this is a SCAM!!


Wow... Ok I haven't went to this school or know nothing about it really but why are you putting this person down just because you might have had a bad experience with this school does not mean that absolutly everyone has to have...

im just speaking my opinion and oh no god forbid someone didn't use correct punctuation doesn't mean that there uneducated...

just sayin get a life and don't bad mouth others experiences just because you had a *** one... good luck to all of you and seriously get over it


Four top law schools accepted you huh....without even being able to spell the word "P-A-I-D" not "P-A-Y-E-D"! This guy obviously works for the "school."


The bottom line.. is that ASHWORTH is a "back of the matchbook school" with no REAL ACCREDITATION WHATSOEVER!!

(and the DETC DOES NOT count)anyone who says otherwise is a complete *** or clearly works for that matchbook school posting fake posts. 4 TOP LAW SCHOOLS?? REALLY?? and then you FINALLY woke up from that dream, right?

with all the misspellings in your post and punctuation where it CLEARLY does NOT belong? I PRAY TO GOD your never ANYONES attorney where it really matters.

People.. just STOP being so god *** lazy and go to a REAL and NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED university in your hometown and stop trying to do things the easy way.

ANYTHING worth having is worth working hard for. We all CANNOT earn a bachelors degree sitting home in our *** pajamas.

90% of the online universities are FAKE!! get a clue!!!


@mark chocolas-- i was totally going to say the same thing. They probably never took any classes in the first place, or they did and this is just a fantastic example of how much of an education you actually get by choosing ashworth.

Hah! I wouldnt trust this review.


Overall, how are they as far as medical classes or business classes? I'm looking to get my BA degree in Business with a concentration in Medical Management at another online school. I went to Kaplan for my Associates in Medical Office Management; however they do not offer what I'm looking to go further


Gotcha. Just kidding dude. Good luck.


Didn't they teach you how to write and spell. You better learn and practice your grammar before heading to law school.