Davisville, Missouri

I have had nothing but a good result from Ashworth.

I would advise the people who write these complaints to watch your spelling and punctuation.

Sorry you had a bad experience. I really did expect to have problems, but I am pleasantly surprised.

I have completed my Associates and have re-enrolled for my Bachelors.

Perhaps, if you were to relay the problems to the right person, they would be resolved sooner. I feel that you were expecting a little too much from a correspondence school, things are not as one on one as if you were in a classroom. This is the price you pay for going online.

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I was in this school when it was James Madison and had a wonderful experience with the school. My husband recently attended and had no problems either.

I am surprised by the number of people complaining about Ashworth. I have had nothing but positive experiences with this school.


One of the best online school so far!


I am not haveing any difficulties either