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I signed up for Ashworth's early childhood education course, as I am an assistant pre school teacher in New Hampshire, and needed 9 credits to become an associate teacher, and 18 credits to become a lead teacher. Ashworth seemed the answer as I work full time and felt it would be easier than attending the local community college.

I realised that as Asworth is NATIONALLY accredited and not REGIONALLY accredited for this course, so I would probably never be able to transfer the credits to another college. But I thought, no problem, I just need these credits for my promotion. So I handed over my money and got to work.

I completed the first 6 credits and thought 'This is great'. Then one day I went into work and my director said to me 'Your couse is REGIONALLY accredited, isn't it?' NOPE. Well, it turns out that the New Hampshire education department WILL NOT ACCEPT NATIONALLY ACCREDITED COURSES. I spoke to the man who inspects the day cares and pre schools in our area and he confirmed it. He said that they have this problem all the time. People take these NATIONALLY accredited online courses, not realising that they will not be accepted by the state education department. I had wasted my time and money. He told me to go to my local community college. In New Hampshire you can take 3 credits per semester in early childhood education, absolutely free (worth $600)if you work in a state registered center. Maybe your state has something similar?

If you want to learn as a hobby, then this college is great. If you need the credits for your work, you may as well present your employer with a diploma written on toilet paper. THEY WILL PROBABLY NOT ACCEPT THEM. I know it's a hassle, but check first before you sign up.

I am astonished that these people are allowed to do buisness in this country as this is no more than a confidence trick.

These people will tell you anything to get you to sign up. They told me FOUR times that their early childhood education course would be accepted by the education department. At the New Hampshire state level (which is what counts) THEY ARE NOT. *** me for being so trusting. I didn't expect to be repeatedly told such bare faced lies.

The debate about whether or not they will transfer is a red herring. What matters is that they are not fit for purpose. If you bought a bucket to carry water and it had *** in the bottom, you'd take it back right? It would be no good for the purpose in which it was sold to you. An Ashworth college credit will probably not get you any further in your career. Your employer will sympathise, but tell you that they are sorry, they can't accept it. It is not fit for the purpose in which it was sold to you.

Check Ashworth out on the Better Business Bureau site. As I type they have a D+.

If you have already signed up and try to cancel, they will tell you that you have to pay a cancellation fee or (as in my case) kept calling me to demand that I pay $900 for the rest of the course. Kick up a fuss and refuse. They will back down and put your account to 0.00. Get them to email that to you and send you a hard copy. If you have nothing in writing from these people, then it didn't happen. They know every trick in the book.

I suspect that the good reviews are written either by company employees, or those who have not yet tried to use their Ashworth credits out in the real world.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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You should of took reading lessons first,all the ashworth info is listed on the schools page.


Okay is I just finished a degree in Health Care Administration and you mean to tell me the degree is worthless and I’ve spend 12000$ on a worthless degree


Nationally accredited credits do in fact transfer to thousands of schools, but one must research to find them. I've done it myself.

Further, you needed to find out what your state or district would accept before embarking on this journey.

Some districts accept them, some don't.

Can't blame Ashworth for that. They never guaranteed your credits would be accepted.


I am in Philadelphia I am attending Ashworth College I'm about to be done but my credits did count for jobs and school it all depends on who you go to and Ashworth do have a list of schools that accept their credits & some are regional schools so far I have no issues at all with school


Am in Philadelphia as well, can you name a list of schools that accept Ashworth transfer credit.


You can be upset, But you wanted to teach early childhood education, and didn't do your own homework. Ashworth is a fine school that offers Bachelor's Degrees at a fraction of what the state schools cost and I can tell you 100 percent its just as good of education....

and guess what your not indoctrinated in socialism and far left ideology. In return it Gives you a better understanding of the real world......

pay 90k and go to a state school and party for 4 years and graduate indebt up to your elbows... Good day

@Thats Your Fault

You made a good point.i got my h.s diploma with them and it is excepted here in tx.thanks

@Thats Your Fault

Lol i agree 100%, i got my high school diploma there and it is excepted with my employer and with a few online school like university of Phoenix and Snhu i believe.thanks


Though Ashworth may have appeared misleading; the onus of verification was on you. Rather than relying on Ashworth staff to interpret New Hampshire regulations, it would have behooved you to contact the State education department first and asked them if Ashworth met their criteria.

I can certainly understand being upset that you felt misled by Ashworth; but really, your career and professional education is your responsibility.

Seems you did not do due diligence before plunking down your money. Just sayin'.

-S Crusade, MA


I completed both my BS Biz admin and MBA at Ashworth and my employer accepted them both (Largest commercial real-estate company in the world). I did get that corner office...lol Basically it's up to you to do your research, different states, different companies, different requirements.

I was a police officer in New Orleans, after Katrina I moved to Texas... Guess what, my credentials didn't transfer... Was that NOPD's fault ???

Do your research, accept responsibility... Just saying


Before enrolling in the AS Early Childhood program at Ashworth, I did a great deal of research on this very issue. I spoke to them on the phone about it and they were upfront with me.

Here is a suggestion that I have found in my own research. University of Phoenix (an RA online school) accepts Ashworth credits. My goal is to get a Masters so I am doing my associate and bachelor at Ashworth for the financial savings and then transferring my credits to UoP for the Masters.

When I have my masters, it will be with a regionally accredited school and in the mean time, I'm saving a ton with Ashworth. Just a suggestion!


Congrats thats true because i got my.h.s.diploma with Ashworth and it was a great experience.and your right when i called uop they accepted my diploma.id like to take ashworth's medical billing but im going to check to see if its excepted in texas.thanks


I understand you are upset.... but can you really blame the school for you not doing your research??

any program wiether it be early childhood, accounting, or medical assisting has state stipulations. Your place of employment required a regionally acredited program... schools in other states and some private school allow a nationally acredited schools. Granted the person you were dealing with should have been more knolegable...

but you should too...

Just Saying. :roll


I'm thinking of taking the teacher aide program but I'm not sure if it will be accepted in California


Same I’m from California currently enrolled in the BS Healthcare Management and reading these comments I’m freaking out lol


i live in tn and teach for headstart and they do accept ashworth.i am almost done with my as and will begin bs in early childhood education.


It doesn't count in Colorado either.


The credits don't count in Ohio either for Early Childhood Education. Maybe Ashworth should be more upfront about what states DO accept them.


:x I completed the Nutrition Specialist program back in '05, and I tried to get credit for that course at 2 different colleges, and I couldn't get ANY. Was informative, did learn from it, but nothing I could have just read on my own and saved $600.

Didn't appreciate the BS. Wish I would have read reviews before signing up!


I am trying to complete the high school Diploma. In California Ashworth is on the data base as a vocational school and it is real and this can transfer to Sacramento Junior College and all the Junior classes in Sacramento Junior college do not transfer, "unless you sign up for a upper secondary classes".