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I was excited and ready to enroll at Ashworth University. I have my associate’s degree graduating with a 3.8 GPA. I have a very busy life like most of us, so I decided to try an online school to further my education. I have tried numerous times to get my questioned answered about which of my credits transfer and will my degree transfer over. I finally spoke with a live person in student services only having her say that without enrolling in the school would my credits and transcript be reviewed. Before giving up totally on the school, I called back again speaking with a different person this time, having the same answer given to me.

I asked her why would I take the chance on losing my degree and spending X amount of dollars on something that I didn't know what I would get in return. I think that this is the biggest joke of a so called school out there. Any "real" school would gladly review your transcript and answer questions before making the big step of commitment of paying. I don't know, I am very disappointed in the way companies treat consumers. Ashworth University is all about give me the money and not about the students. I will give my business to a much better real school that appreciates me as the student.

Mellisa, FL

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You have terrivle grammer for a college student..... :eek


Really? Terrivle? Oh, did you mean terrible?


They refused to accept my credits based on the "fact" that my credits is 10 yrs old! Don't go to Ashworth!

Then they want to charge me 250 for registration after I told them that I'm not going to throw my credits away. I just cancelled my courses.


They did the same thing to me, refused my credits from a regionally accredited college. Horrible school!


All colleges and Universities will not accept transcripts over 7 years old!


I am currently enrolled with Ashworth and I can honestly say, they are extremely disorganized. Unless you are persistent and call the school every single day and more, you will not be taken care of in a timely fashion.

Furtherfore; they tell you that they are fair with transfer credits. This is totally untrue. They take so long to evaluate your transcripts in hopes that you will have already completed 3 or more classes with them, then you will at least complete your first semester (5 classes) otherwise you are going to pay out the nose to cancel. I totally believe this is just a way (like all schools) to get more money from you.

So, don't believe it when they say you can transfer 75% of previous course work unless it is exactly the same class. Most DETC schools are a little more flexible and look at what your previous course work involved before denying them for transfer. BTW- I was an A/B student at my old school and acquired well beyond that of an AA/AS degree and still they do not want to allow a fair transfer of courses. Now for other issues.

The recently changed the system for the student portal.

The other one was working, but they claimed an "update was in order" since the update, students are unable to get in to take any course work and since they are closed on weekends, many working adults are unable to get through courses in the speedy manner that they had planned on. Okay- enough from me and my rant.


i went to pennfoster but didnt finished. i did 3 semesters.

it help me land a job making 70k. i just enrolled in ashworth to finish up with my degree. i am not a college person so DETC schools work for me.

i am not a ivy league type. it is what it is.


I like how "IRONMARINE" and "Michael" both misspelled 'lose'. It's pretty telling when company shills spam review sites with bile and insults.


This bunch of thugs has been charging me for 9 months now, and reporting my refusal to pay to the credit bureaus. I never received my books, and they have repeatedly refused to send more.

They want me to pay nearly $300 "cancellation" to get them to go away. I made agreement that I would start paying if they'd send my books. I did, and they didn't. When I called over a month after the payment cleared, they "Suddenly" remembered....too late.

Fool me once, your fault. Fool me twice, my fault.

I won't be here for #3. The whole "business" of ashworth is a scam.


I have done a lot of research on many online colleges. I just recently finished my Associates Degree with the University of Phoenix in the Technology Field.

I am thinking about obtaining my Bachelors in Business. I am going back and fourth between Penn Foster and Ashworth. I have read a lot of negative reviews on Ashworth. However, I don't think that this will detour me from my decision.

Distance Learning is a challenge because you have to be very disciplined with a strong will to succeed. You will only get out of school what you put into it. That does not matter if you attend a traditional campus college or an online college.

There will always be problems with both. Ashworth Universtiy certainly appears to have a good program outline, with a tuition cost that is difficult to beat.


i love ashworth program...i have a question say if you score 80s and up on ur course exam, but fail semester exam, but only 3 courses...will pass and go on to the next semester..


I carefully read on most of the online colleges, I even looked them up through the Better Business Bureau because of the negative results on other people experience. From what I've read and saw with BBB I think Ashworth College is the #1 for me.

I'm so excited and can't to get started.

It takes motivation and I have it and more, I know that I will accomplish a lot with this online college and will be back for my next degree once I get this associates. Ashworth, here I come!


Seems to me that this little complaint site is meant for the former bully's from high school, why dont you guys grow up and move on to something else instead of wasting the time of others.


Loose your degree? Ashworth is not there to steal anything from anybody.

If you have a 3.8 QPA why are you so worried about them accepting all your credits? Would you pay for the courses Ashworth offers for the same course you passed at another school. What a waste of time and money. Now, they would like an updated transcript, not like mine.

I graduated in 1986 with a Business management degree; times have changed and I have gotten older. After all this education you learn two things:you are going to die someday and all the education you have won't stop that. Jesus was flanked by two thieves. One who repented the other didn't.

You have one choice, right now this very minute. Just one choice. Stay the course and think you'll make it on your own or heaven. You'll be dead longer than you'll be alive.

Dead for 100 years and died at the age of 37 years in the flesh. Think about it.


I think the girl is lying. You pay a fee for review of the transcripts.

Don't come at Ashworth with a 'D'grade transcripts. Why would you go to Ashworth and not finish up with the school you're at and graduate. You playing games. Nobody want your cigarette and beer money.

Such a crybaby. This person likes to jump around and when she don't get her way, she cries and pouts like a immature baby. Online schools aren't for everybody. It takes courage, a strong vision, determination, will power, you can't accept failure and defeat from a possible giant.

Your best allies are patience and time. You must enjoy time by yourself in a library for hours at a time. You got to cut out all bad habits, and spend less time with your dumn friends who are constantly getting in the way of yelling at you. You must constantly seek perfection and set high standards for yourself.

Your are preparing yourself to be a sharp cut above the rest. You are responsible for your own education. When your thinking about a situation that will make or break a company, they come to you for leadership and guidance. Easy as pie because you have been trained by the best.

The world is looking for leaders who can solve problems and dire situations from the community to a global level. This is your world and your job is come up with the best solution with the tools Ashworth College has taught you. It is the best school for you if you set high standards for yourself and change that dull, I can't do it mentality.

You can do it. Stop your blood clot crying, don't worry about the money, they can work with you, even if you missed a couple of payments.


Ashworth is the best school out there. It was created by God himself and run by his mighty angels.

They ask for pennies in return for a quality education. Just exchange the six-pack beer money every month and the price for cigarettes these days and within two years, you can make a huge return for the money you invested with Ashworth College. They make it simple for those who aren't afraid to think. They inspire courage for those who aren't able to pass getting into the U.S.

Marines. There is the journey and the adventure in it, from one challenging assignment to another. Please dare not tread on a path already worn out by followers; they demand you become a frontier like your forefathers and carve your own path and create your own destiny across the seas. Yes, there will be high tides and thunderstorms, but you can handle it, preparing you for the rigors of life.

So buy you a ticket to a better life, jump on board, and become your own captain, and soon you will have your own ship sailing the seas to a better life because of Ashworth College. Don't believe those loosers, who whine and cry and are stow-aways, they just don't want you to experience success.


You crybabies who can't read or write, let alone think need to stop whining about the money you wanted back to buy those drugs and the time you lost in purchasing them. You aren't built to get an education online because you lack the dicipline and the brains.


THank you for the post. They called me and I decided to research before I commited to anything.

And about Mellisa...

Can you say copy paste?


I was going to try Kaplin University, University of Phoenix, and AIU all online colleges. Ashworthy offers similar programs for a lot less money. I was attending Kaplin and it was $40K for healthcare management course I was in the class 2 weeks and got stiffed with a bill for 1K


I was going to try Kaplin University, University of Phoenix, and AIU all online colleges. Ashworthy offers similar programs for a lot less money. I was attending Kaplin and it was $40K for healthcare management course I was in the class 2 weeks and got stiffed with a bill for 1K