Pineville, North Carolina
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Ashworth college is a joke! I first tried to withdrawal 6 days after the five and tried to fight for it but no go.

First they told me that I would owe $200 if I cancelled right then. I freaked and started thinking well maybe I will just stick with the program well then financial problems came about and I had to cancel well now I owe $356, one lady told me I could continue just paying $50 a month but now I am getting harassing phone calls saying I need to pay them now all of it, money I just don't have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashworth College Program.

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Oh, boy Ashworth. I went there 6 years ago and was told i enrolled to get my degree for teacher assisting and the classes were on sale.

I took it finished the course and they have my money. I didn't recieve a degree or a normal transcript. I recieved a diploma and was told no one will hire me. AU will not refund my money at all.

And told me I should of read the fine print on the contract.

So, I lost out on alooottt of money! Still mad till this day!