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Look I'm tired people complaining about the college if you don't like it then just leave but me before I had a good experience in there is no way that you can get the textbook in 3 days and especially the people that is not United States complaining about the college probably its going to work for you if you're different countries because United States college.. smh

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I agree, I also did the medical office assistant course earned my diploma, and had a good experience and they sent me a legit medical assisting book.


How are you I don't know how long ago you made this post but I was wondering if you completed the program and where you able to get a job anywhere because I'm doing medical billing and coding and I don't want to waste my money or my time if I can't get a job or if West Virginia doesn't recognize certifications are diplomas from the school Ashworth College


Make a fake resume and apply to employers and see if they respond your resume and that will tell if you're wasting your time and money.


Hi, I'm interested in the Medical Office Assistant Training course. How was it and would you recommend it?

How long does it take to finish? Thanks!


I had a great experience with Ashworth College. I received all of my study materials on time.

I took the Interior Design course.

The instructors were very helpful. Overall I would recommend this college.


If you didn't have ANY drama good for you but, don't interfere with those that did it has nothing to do with you. Each individual when through whatever they went through.

Thank God you didn't have any bad experiences and move on with your future goals. In other words, stay out of grow folks business. No one can speak for what other people go through, just because nothing happen to you doesn't mean it didn't happen to someone else. How can anyone leave time, money and energy invested alone ?

Who does that? That's not easy at all, would you leave something along that you've invested a part of your future in ?

I don't think so....

Always remember no one has the same experience with anything in life. Everything doesn't work for everyone.