Adel, Georgia

I signed up with them to complete an associates degree with them. I did it online and paid the $15 down payment.

A few days later (about a week) I called to cancel. It has been almost a year and I get a call today saying I owe a $215 cancellation fee and that my account has been placed in collections. Apparently you only get FIVE days to cancel in order to avoid this extremely high rip off cancellation fee.

You do not even receive your first book before 5 days.However, I certainly was not told about this 5 day thing before hand. What a bunch of untruthful people just trying to get money!

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Reading through the complaints here, it's really easy to see how many people didn't bother to read a single thing they signed, nor did they peruse any of the information freely provided by the school. Also, many do not seem to understand how any "college" works, let alone one dedicated to online distance learning.

I came here to look through these complaints because I was looking into attending this school. Having visited only their webpage and requesting no information whatsoever - I knew about the cancellation fee, the time limit, etc. that most of the (students) are complaining about here.

Granted, some probably did have a bad experience - these things happen, but, overall, what I see here is people complaining that they never bothered to read anything they were handed and want someone else to blame.


Ashworth college is horrible !!! you can not transfer your courses to any REAL colleges..


. this "school" has horrible customer service, you cannot receive financial aid, and you get absolutely no help with anything!!1


I had the same experience with their online highschool program. I signed my son up with the understanding that he could transfer his credits and I could cancel anytime, but then after two classes, I found out they would not transfer any of his previous credits from 2 years of public high school so I canceled.

That's when they told me there was an almost $200.00 cancelation fee that no one had ever mentioned to me before.

This place is definitely a rip off and I would not recommend it to anyone! I even filed a complaint with the BBB, but they only gave me seven days to respond to Ashworth's response (which was - we strongly recommend you pay) and I missed the deadline so they listed the complaint as resolved.


if "ashford" really does have a degree from "ashworth" then one would hope they would know the proper use of the words; their and there...."I got my Bachelors from their and in graduate in prestigious school (Ivy league). Also, "I got", please, what a disgusting display of grammar.


What these disgruntled people forget is that no school will allow you to study at their school without paying for it. It takes money to run any school because they are all businesses.

I started my studies at public university and was kicked out because I couldn't pay their exorbitant tuition. Ashworth college gives you the opportunity to get great education at affordable price.

Nobody get anything for nothing, and you have to pay for it some how, and Ashworth is the ideal to save money. I got my Bachelors from their and in graduate in prestigious school (Ivy league)


Get it. Ashworth College is a great school.

The disgruntled student was a lazy dropout who wanted something for nothing. Schools are run by human beings and do have some customer service problem. I attended Public University in Kansas prior to Ashworth. I am now a second year law student at Ivy League school at the East coast, and I credited Ashworth for the opportunity and my learning skills.

For any student to succeed, they have to dedicate themselves to their study which of course, requires the student to pay for their studies first. It seems in this case that this dropout chose to be a loser and blame it on an affordable dedicated school like Ashworth College.