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Ashworth College - The lowest Grade in online schooling

Give a voice to how you were wronged in one of Ashworths target markets Facebook. Ashworth College has been doing wrong by hundreds of people with no real recourse. So it is with great pleasure that I create this domain for people to voice their accurate accounts of how this "college" has wronged them. If any person relates inaccurate or false information, and it is brought to my attention, said posts will be promptly deleted. Please inform those who haven't been ripped off or otherwise unfairly treated yet, so that they may be spared the financial and emotional burdens so many of us, less fortunate, Ashworth students have been.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Just reading the poor grammar and sentence structure of these upset Ashworth students makes it clear that they never belonged in college in the first place.


Ashworth colleage charge me 1,310 for classes i never took or seen i didn't even start the session now they have me in collection and it's messing

With my credit any suggestionsmom


ashworth is a rip off .. always trying to make money of someone .

i tried to apply a couple of months ago .like 4 months ago. i didnt . but they got my card info ..the representative told me she would need a deposit so i told her i didnt have money on my card she suggested to call back a couple of days later and then i would be officially enrolled . So i didnt call back but now i got these letters from these rip offs and un accredited school ..

that i had a payment delinquency .I called to try to solve this dispute , they said there was a cancellation fee of 200 .$$ ..this is boggus .. bull *** . straight out . .

they are rip offs . and their school is not a accredited schooll . or diploma . :( ASHWORTH SUX ..



i called them to start school i paid 40$ from my card witch was suposed to be a down payment and that was suposed to pay for my books to get sent i also paid shiping added to the 40$ witch was 5$ books were suposed to be at my house 7-15days never got books or started any coures called the number it was disconnected i let it go thinking i fell for a scam cuz they never conntacted me i took dat as a loss 5yrs later (now times)i'm getting calls to pay 1,091.00$ to them they got me *** up i checked my credit report its already on there i disputed it there so called investigation says info is correct and to contact the source(ashworth) i shol will but what the *** they gone do but denie *** i'm pissed 4reeeal