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I advance you not to go to Ashworth college. They are all about money.

I got my Bachelor degree and now I am trying to go to Ashford college to get my Master but Ashworth will not give them a transcript saying that I have completed the Bachelor program until i have paid them in full but before I started they said that all that stuff will not be and problem. Now that I am finish they will not put on my transcript that I have completed the Bachelor program,so that I can start ashford college until i have paid them in full. On my transcript it is saying not yet completed and I called them to get them to at least say that I have completed so that I can start Ashford college, but they said that they couldn't do that until they is paid in full. Who has 2, 375,00 right now the way thing is .

You trying to go to school and better yourself but schools like Ashworth want let you because they all about money. So Please!!!Please!!

listing and read these complaints because they are telling you the truth and I just finish in 2015. They name should be call ASSWORTH instead of ASHWORTH.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashworth College Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Ashworth College Cons: Registrar department.

  • Ashworth college bad school
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This is the same procedure and any college or university. You are not allowed to get your transcripts of degree of you owe and outstanding balance.

If they give you some thing saying you've graduated and you enroll in Ashford then why would they think you would pay the balance?

Check with any school. It's the same for any of them, not just this one.


No school, online or not, will give you a completed transcript if you still owe them money


It's kind of hard to take you serious when you have don't have proper grammar..... Next time maybe