Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
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I have been a student at Ashworth since 2006. My course materials never get shipped on time, I was told to call in when I make a payment so they will ship my materials.

The latest happening was when I called to let them know that I was up to date and would like my books shipped, the woman told me that they wouldnt send any books because I was ready for my third sem. exam. I explained that could not be, I only completed 2 out of the 5 courses in that sem. She said, no you are done and have completed 16 out of 20 books and i need to enroll in my 4th sem.

After arguing with her for some time on this, i just began to agree and waited for a few days to recieve my tests. When they didnt come, I called back ( 3days later) asking why i didnt get the tests emailed they said there was a problem and it didnt go out, but they were resending. I waited until Monday, They told me once again to wait 24 hours to receive the materials, I called wed, And got a whole different story, I wasnt ready for my exam, they needed to send my books which take 7-10 bus. days, I told them how angry i was and that i wanted to speak to a supervisor.

The gentleman said he would have my books sent UPS 2 day delivery so I would get them by Friday. I agreed, and was transferred to the supervisors voice mail where i left a message and wanted a return call back, he still hasn't called me and I just found out they are tiring to charge me for the UPS shipment as well!!!! I am on hold with the school as I am writing this I have been thrown back into the hold process so i have been waiting on hold for 45 min.

I don't recommend this college, go to a real one. you'll get less hassled and pulled around and you'll know where your money is going.

You can even take CLEP courses which cost less and is at your own pace, There are other online colleges that will take your CLEP credits and just give you a degree through them. That is how I will be getting my BA. Please look into CLEP.

If I knew about it before I started in this school, I would have done that and been done by now! Good luck .

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