Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I enrolled with the medical billing and coding program 12 days ago. I was initially able to review all of the documentation that was sent to me.

I was able to immediately log into the student portal and access the workspace. However, upon trying to complete the first lesson, the student handbook was mislabeled as career guidebook and did not match up with the correspondence in that lesson. I also could not access the orientation that was recommended that I watch. I sent a ticket in asking for clarification and received a response several days later that was very vague.

I tried to contact the school two previous times by phone, both times I would select my choice on the automated menu and it directed me to the student survey line. Yesterday morning, I sent an email requesting withdrawal and a full refund of the total amount that I paid. I have not received a response. I contacted the school again today, finally reached a human being, proceeded to tell my experience and was transferred unknowingly to the survey line again!

I called back, got a new person, and she claimed that I never called that line because no one else has complained, and that i did receive a response about my ticket submission, although it was not the answer I was looking for. I am a previous student of a well known university. I am a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society. I am a member of an elite honors sorority.

I take my education very seriously. With that said, the best they could offer was a $400 refund, of which I have paid almost $900 in full for the program! So this has cost me almost $500 in 12 days and I have no resolve.

This is highly unacceptable, and I wouldn't recommend Ashworth to my enemy. Proceed very cautiously!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashworth College Program.

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