Fayetteville, Arkansas

Four years ago, I enrolled in the course for accounting at Ashworth College. I finished the course, with little trouble, fully believing their BS that it would be immediately accredited and I would be able to find employment.

As soon as I had the diploma, I began to look. I was told the school would help, but all they did was give me a useless page of job search sites, basically saying "we think you should do it yourself."

I found out, later, that what I had spent a great deal of money for, what I had thought would be a good form of employment, was, in fact, next to worthless. The diploma was only equivalent to an asssociate's degree and most accounting jobs need a minimum of a bachelor degree, or enough experience, which was not provided, that it was, in fact, useless.

Then, like an ***, I enrolled for what I thought was the "business management" course, figuring that having that would make me infinitely more employable. However, the materials I received were for improved studying as a student, and had nothing to do with business management at all. I tried to cut ties to Ashworth, and they basically told me I had to pay them, just like the only real reason they were there was to collect money.

Thank goodness I finally found out about this.

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Not your fault. Many people fall into the lie of Ashworth expecting a degree in something they can use.

Little do they know, their degree is most likely useless in the real world. Seems all good and wonderful, low payments, easy courses, yep, just try using a degree from Ashworth, you will be disappointed. I quickly discovered what Ashworth was all about and got the heck out of there.

I applied to a "real" university, which I now attend, but they almost laughed when I asked if I could transfer my credits from Ashworth.


I took a course through PCDI (Ashworth Canada) and am quite satisfied with my materials and the communication I recieved. I agree with "Stacey" and think you thought you were eligible for employment assistance and that you did not do enough of your own research to find out exactly what is required for the positon you seek.


Really? All of your complaints are your fault!

Why would you not look into what the requirements of the job you are looking for? And how do you think you are going to jump right into a job with no experience, you need start at the bottom and work for it! No one can guarantee that you will get a job, nor can they find a job for you! The school gave you the tools to find a job, get off your butt and use them!

If you can't do the work to find a job or do the research to find out what the job requires then you do not deserve it! I would never hire you, you are clearly lazy.


you are full of *** Stacy. This place is a scam and they are fixing to have the law investigate them for scam and fraud.

I have talked to several agents and they are aware of this place and how they are taking money from hard working people just to fit there standards.

They are full of lies. :p