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I enrolled with ashworth college in July of 2017. After a few weeks of my online class information on their website and through the Colorado department of Education was not adding up.

I contacted Ashworth to see about switching programs. They informed me that this was not an option and I would need to drop the program I was in and re-enroll into a new program. I had already put some money down toward my program I was in and they also informed me that I would lose the money put down and I would need to pay for the new program on top of a 97.00 cancellation fee. I then decided to wait and gather more information.

I contacted again CDOE and they informed me that ashworth college is not accepted and to receive the 2 classes I would need to take at a community college I would need to complete ashworths full associates program and pay the 1399.00 each semester. After hearing this information I decided ashworth was not for me and I called them back. I spoke with natasha. She informed me that he was sorry of the fact I was mislead and that she would drop me from the program and that she would submit a request to have the 97.00 cancellation fee wrote off.

Natasha also informed me that the money I put down would be lost due to the fact that I had already completed only 7% of the first class(3online tests). I was devastated because right now I am a stay at home mom and my husband is the only one working and the money I put down is completely useless not and I have nothing to show. before getting off the phone with Natasha I asked her if I would be receiving a collections notice in the mail like others have due to lies and he reassured me that I would not and with in 3-4 business days the 97.00 would be off my account. Today August 16th 2017 I received a bill from ashworth.

I called them today to see why this was and they informed me that Natasha was incorrect and I am responsible to pay the additional 97.00 to drop from their school on top of the money I put down that would be lost. At this point I can't believe their is a school like this out there.

That lies to their students and that doesn't stand behind what they say. I would never ever recommend this school to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashworth College Program.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Please promise that whichever institution of higher learning you eventually select :

(A) you will undertake remedial English and composition.

(B) learn to avoid handling fiduciary business via telephone or text message.

(C) study Contracts 101 which will help you avoid the emotional reaction you have suffered as a result of careless situation management.

I hated college even more than I hated high school partially because of their unmitigated greed and impersonal , intractable institutional corruption.


Oh Smitty!!! Love your input.

However I have completed those courses and I have graduated from college already. I was enrolling in Ashworth to start a new career since I have been at home with my son since he was born.

I am sorry you find it interesting to comment on reviews that obviously don't pertain to you! I hope you however have a wonderful day and I wish you the best.