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Yes, post high school education whether its a degree or diploma doesn't come with a job. This is true, but the fact that a lot of jobs won't even accept Ashworth, would that not raise a few eyebrows? It does mine Also if you google Ashworth College, you will find that they had gotten in trouble last year about misleading students about job placement and credit transfer. (Also its not the only college that has done that) Also my husband went to... Read more

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I enrolled in Ashworth's online pharmacy technician course a few months ago. In the beginning, the lessons were straightforward and the system worked smoothly. However, the system began acting up after I completed 69% of the course. Coincidentally, Ashworth program fees are non-refundable after you complete over 50% of your respective program. Anyway, I began experiencing issues logging in to my course and when I did manage to log in, the course... Read more

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I had no problems with the school at first, then they switched to online and that is the problem, I have not been able to log into the portal so many times it is ridiculous, how can one finish their course if they can't log in? Email and or phone support no response, just that they are experiencing difficulties. They need to get this fixed now, this is not fair to the students, if they are having this many problems with their website or servers,... Read more

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I received a letter in the mail. I called and was put on hold for 12 mins. After taliking to a representative i learned that someone used my full name and a different ssi #. $727.00 NO... This is ***. I leave in Houston and have never heard of this school. Ive tried all my life to keep my info gaurded. I have unlisted numbers and shred everything.

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Ashworth sent me an invoice for $690.00. I never called them but someone else did. Wrong bday, wrong address. No apology. Make your own choice. Read more

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I get resisted and paid me registration on 05/25/2016. Today 05/7/2016 i can't connect to the course during the whole day. I call them and phone number got technical problems. When finally get a communication the lady pretends to do not understand me. i explain my issue and i lost communication or she disconnected the call ( who knows). I tried again now and is still impossible to see the course , but if i search for the college through google... Read more

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Ashworth college is the absolute WORST college ever. If you think you're about to get an affordable education on your own time, and for it to count in your state, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG! No, not only does it NOT count in some states, but when you try to cancel they REFUSE to cancel for you, and tell you that you owe them for an entire semester that never got completed, but don't let me forget the PROMISE they make to reimburse you if you paid... Read more

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I'm a student here at Ashworth and I want to get one thing straight here, IT IS NOT A SCAM! Get it through your heads or get some factual information. If you have trouble receiving your materials, then call be an adult and get it straightened out. They are not a scam, they want you to succeed and go beyond. I know, because I have graduated here and have had nothing but pure success with this school. It is not a scam at all. If you do not like... Read more

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This guys are a big scam, it says online college but all they want is your money they give you wrong answers and correct questions. Im not wasting any of my time with this *** nonsense. Beware there is an african lady pretending to b someone else scamming students and pretending to be someone else she has three different names and email addresses.beware online colleges are a scam

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I called about 2 months ago to ask why I wasn't able to log in to my lessons and was told that they were having technical difficulties. "Try back in a few days", two months later same problem. Darrel 956-245-9104 call and let me know what's wrong. I put my password in and have even reset my password and portal will not get passed the log in page. I have tried everything I know how and still am not getting in. I don't want to ask for a refund... Read more

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